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6 Social Media Promotional Mistakes that Top Marketing Agencies Can Save You from

Although social media websites provides a propelling platform for businesses to grow their brand reach and communicate with the target audience more directly, this whole process of marketing here is rather complex and tricky. After all why do you think so many people fail to implement their social media marketing strategies successfully? Or why so many people fail to have a definite marketing strategy in the first place?

Here we list six very common mistakes businesses, particularly the startups, often make and why they need to outsource a good social media agency in China and around the world.

1. Trying to be on every social media platform– Of course the common sense speaks that the more platforms you’re on, the higher will be the exposure of your brand. But there is another fact; if you’re not having effective communication with your audience even on one platform, or are not able to deliver the definite message of your brand- it’s all worthless.

2. Not distributing your time between platforms– Assumingly you chose 3 social media platforms (three is highly recommended), you don’t necessarily have to spend equal amount of time on each of them. Chances are one of it might be giving you better conversion than other two. So it is best you invest more of your time on platforms that offer better ROI than others.

Social Media Agency in China

3. Fake following– Brands, particularly the ones who are just starting on social media tends to buy fake followers. As flattering as it may look, this is ridiculous. Certainly ‘fake it till you make it’ might sound rowdy, appealing to some, it is absurd; absurd, at least with all the advertisement plans that Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other giants offer these days. You could rather spend here and manage for a worthy following than buy the fake ones.

4. Not communicating with your audience– Many businesses often overlook the ‘social’ aspect of these social media websites. They either forget to engage with their audience or simply neglect it. Communicating with your potential customers is a very important part here. Communicate with them in groups or individually; this is how you build goodwill for your brand.

5. Over-sharing or under-sharing– Back in the days, when you share posts or how many posts you share had less relevance, but not today. Today best social media agency in China and around is very critical of when and how many posts they share. When the posts are more likely to get noticed, how many posts in a series it will take to get the attention of the audience- it all plays a very important role in conversion rate and ROI.

6. Posting irrelevant things– If your brand relates fashion niche, and you are posting often about the dimming GDP of China, even out of your sheer concern, you’re only going to put off your audience; maybe even annoy them. Of course this is a very broad example. Point is, never post anything that your audience is not following you for.

These are the six very common mistakes that brands often fall for when making or implementing their social media marketing strategy. These mistakes are avoidable, but for optimum result, it is always recommended to go for any experienced and renowned China social media agency.


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Benefits of Hiring the Services of a Beijing PR Agency for Business Promotion in China

Over the last decade or so, numerous American and European business conglomerates have decided to make a move on the Chinese and the Asian markets. With the advent of globalization, such an expansion was only a matter of time before it happened. However, business enterprises looking to make it big in China and other neighboring areas immediately found out that operating their business in this part of the world is an entirely different ball game. They faced critical challenges that they did not foresee beforehand. It is for this reason that they eventually began to realize the importance of hiring the services of a Beijing PR agency.

PR agency Beijing

Salient features of the Chinese socio economic environment
The socio economic conditions of China are quite different than they are in the western world. People perceive themselves and their surrounding environment in China in remarkably different ways than they do in the west. Unlike the west, people in China are far more tradition bound and dedicated to the family unit. They are often not as emotionally expressive than people in the west and are slow to adapt to changes. It is for this reason that marketing campaigns that produce great results in the west do not yield expected results here in China.

Importance of a Chinese PR agency
To make sure that a business enterprise from the west attains success in the Chinese market, it is important that it hires the services of a PR agency Beijing. A public relations firm in Beijing is well aware of the fundamental aspects of Chinese society and so it can offer reliable guidance on shaping up marketing and promotional campaigns for a company that aims to impress the potential customers in China. The leading PR agencies in this country can offer world class solutions to business enterprises that are in tune with the local market and the preferences of local people.

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How Organizing Marketing Events Can Benefit a Business Firm

Any well rounded marketing strategy must include carefully planned events. Marketing is a social tool that allows companies to reach out to their target customers and let them know what they have to offer. While online and media marketing is a good way to spread the word of a business, event marketing experts believes that it is important to initiate face to face contact from time to time as humans feel more confident when they have a real basis to connect with one another. Here are some of the strategic benefits than an event & production Company in China can bring to its clients.

  • When a company arranges for a social event to promote its offerings, it leads to opportunities for connecting with new contacts and letting them know about its products and services. This can have a lasting impression on these potential customers as they can start taking an interest in what the company has to offer.
    A promotional event can work greatly in favor of a company when it is trying to connect more intimately with the community. It allows the company to let their customers know that they value their feedback and that their presence is important to them.
    Business companies face tough competition from their rivals all the time. Marketing events allow companies to learn about what the other firms are doing and what goals they have set for themselves. This can in turn help the event organizing company to brush up their strategies so that they have a better edge in the market over their competitors.
    Marketing events are also an excellent way to get in touch with the press and the media and create a solid impression on them. When the press and media write positively about a company, it automatically boosts the position of the company in the eyes of potential customers.

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PR Agency – Anti thesis

For every real player in the market, there is a duplicate and substandard counterpart; and this holds relevance in case of public relations agencies as well. We have often heard about the importance of the role that these agencies have played in making or breaking business or individual entities world over.

What we may have overlooked however, is the number of cases that have suffered severe consequences because of ineffective and outright bad PR. Success stories usually sprout from successful, proactive, highly skilled and infallibly established agencies. One can mention PR agency Berlin or, agencies located in places as such in this respect.

Moderate / optimum results can be expected from those professionals who have earned some talent in the process and reflect ample potential to join the group of the former over a period of time.

Devastations on the other hand, is earned when a certain business / corporate / individual entity in need of establishing proper public relations, falls into the hands of some self proclaimed and hopelessly ineffective agencies. These agencies have neither any background to show for themselves nor any future they can project with success.

The sole strength they may show in comparison with the effective agencies is the cost at which they can be hired, which is something close to dirt cheap. As far as strategies, tools and techniques go, there is nothing substantial that these inferior providers can display as their means for achievements. Their half baked ideas are usually begged, borrowed or, stolen from the thriving players of the market. Check Out:

The Marketing Events Awards 2013

“DT Communications Celebrates BlueFocus Group’s Rise to the World’s Top 20 PR Agency” Click Here

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What are some of the Best Chinese E-commerce Website?

As far as reports suggest, China has the largest online population in the world. With millions and millions of web users and online shoppers, the Chinese E-commerce industry has seen a rapid growth over the years. With the growing number of online shoppers, the industry has become one of the liveliest and most comprehensive e-commerce industries of the world.

China E-commerce Business

You can get a variety of products from these online shopping sites. There are different sites dedicated to the selling of particular products. For example, some websites only sell baby clothes and products, whereas other stores deal in fashion accessories and clothing items. If you are interested to learn more, take a look at two of the best E-commerce website in China.
Tmall is owned by Alibaba and has 39.9 percent market share. This is the market leader of the ecommerce websites. You can pretty much anything on this website. From luxury sports cars like Lamborghini to lingerie, you will get it all here. The site also has an open platform where some of its B2C rivals have their storefronts.
With the aim to list in the United States in 2013, 360Buy has taken steps to expand its business significantly. The company holds 14.7% of market share and it has seen a rapid growth over the past few years. 360Buy has taken an aggressive approach to outpace its main rival Dangdang. These two companies cover the similar areas – mainly home appliances and electronics as well as clothing and books.

There are other ecommerce sites that are really catching up. Some of these include,,, and others.

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