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5 Ways Your Digital Media Specialist Can Kill Your Business

Choosing a digital media agency for your company is just as important as any other business decision. And just like any of it, it could go terribly wrong. And you might have to stress over it in the future.

No wonder business owners are told hundreds of times to take their time and select the best agency.

However, if you’re too reluctant to ‘take your time’ and too casual to understand the importance of having a GOOD digital media specialist by your side, here are 5 ways your wrong decision can trouble you in the future-

Digital Media Specialist

A Peek into Your Future…

  1. You’ll be clueless about your target customers– One biggest and first problem startups encounter is—”where are my customers?” The digital world is big with thousands of platforms and billions of consumers. Where you are going to find your potential customers is a big question mark. Even if you know ‘where’, how to distribute your time and effort among various platforms is another hurdle. A bad agency will be just as clueless as the newbies- lost, shooting in the dark, wasting time, having no idea where the potential customers are.
  2. The communication with your audience will be ineffective– Communicating with the target audience is an art that requires a fool-proof strategy to win their trust and convert them into buying customers. If your outsourced digital media agency does not know this ‘art’, you’re wasting your time and money.
  3. You’ll have to approach different professionals for different needs– Don’t take it for granted that every digital agency Hong Kong and in China offer all-round services. Online marketing is a wide concept that includes everything from SEO and social media marketing to PPC, mobile and app marketing and more. A bad agency does not cater to all these different aspects. So, when the time comes, you might have to outsource a freelance professional, which isn’t a smooth ride, trust us.
  4. You’ll end up paying a lot more with no return whatsoever– You don’t know about your target audience, your brand isn’t communicating with them effectively, and your agency is outsourcing freelancers to help them. What do you think is the result? You’ll end up paying much more than what’s needed with no positive result whatsoever.
  5. You’ll be clueless about your competitors and the market as a whole– To be a top name in your industry, competitor analysis is a quite critical part. Knowing about what competing brands are doing and how they are doing gives you an edge and opportunity to improve. Your poorly selected digital media agency fails to research on your own target customers— do you really expect them to research ably on your competitors?

These 5 troubles would branch out other stresses, like-

  • Lower conversion
  • Poor brand goodwill
  • Poor capital management
  • Lagging far behind the competitors
  • Low ‘trust value’ in your brand name
  • No crisis communication plan

So save yourself from these troubles and stress which could eventually kill your company (and dreams). Make a smart move right when it matters. Spend a decent amount of time and select a good digital media specialist agency.


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6 Social Media Promotional Mistakes that Top Marketing Agencies Can Save You from

Although social media websites provides a propelling platform for businesses to grow their brand reach and communicate with the target audience more directly, this whole process of marketing here is rather complex and tricky. After all why do you think so many people fail to implement their social media marketing strategies successfully? Or why so many people fail to have a definite marketing strategy in the first place?

Here we list six very common mistakes businesses, particularly the startups, often make and why they need to outsource a good social media agency in China and around the world.

1. Trying to be on every social media platform– Of course the common sense speaks that the more platforms you’re on, the higher will be the exposure of your brand. But there is another fact; if you’re not having effective communication with your audience even on one platform, or are not able to deliver the definite message of your brand- it’s all worthless.

2. Not distributing your time between platforms– Assumingly you chose 3 social media platforms (three is highly recommended), you don’t necessarily have to spend equal amount of time on each of them. Chances are one of it might be giving you better conversion than other two. So it is best you invest more of your time on platforms that offer better ROI than others.

Social Media Agency in China

3. Fake following– Brands, particularly the ones who are just starting on social media tends to buy fake followers. As flattering as it may look, this is ridiculous. Certainly ‘fake it till you make it’ might sound rowdy, appealing to some, it is absurd; absurd, at least with all the advertisement plans that Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other giants offer these days. You could rather spend here and manage for a worthy following than buy the fake ones.

4. Not communicating with your audience– Many businesses often overlook the ‘social’ aspect of these social media websites. They either forget to engage with their audience or simply neglect it. Communicating with your potential customers is a very important part here. Communicate with them in groups or individually; this is how you build goodwill for your brand.

5. Over-sharing or under-sharing– Back in the days, when you share posts or how many posts you share had less relevance, but not today. Today best social media agency in China and around is very critical of when and how many posts they share. When the posts are more likely to get noticed, how many posts in a series it will take to get the attention of the audience- it all plays a very important role in conversion rate and ROI.

6. Posting irrelevant things– If your brand relates fashion niche, and you are posting often about the dimming GDP of China, even out of your sheer concern, you’re only going to put off your audience; maybe even annoy them. Of course this is a very broad example. Point is, never post anything that your audience is not following you for.

These are the six very common mistakes that brands often fall for when making or implementing their social media marketing strategy. These mistakes are avoidable, but for optimum result, it is always recommended to go for any experienced and renowned China social media agency.

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Digital Media Marketing in China is Gaining Momentum

Most consumers in China are tech savvy. This had made Digital Media Marketing In China an integral aspect for new business development strategy. In addition to that, MNC’s and other companies, that have complete prominence can also resort to digital marketing to get a wide reach of customers and increase their brand recall value. Continue reading

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Importance Of Hiring Quality Digital marketing Company

There is no hope for a business to survive in the present century without the aid of digital platforms. Those days are long gone where the first attempt of any new endeavor included distributions of pamphlets to anyone and everyone who passed by; most of which ended up littering the roads. Posting tiny advertisements in news papers and other such medium has also become secondary measures for endeavors that plan to keep their heads above competition. Considering the fact that billions and billions of eyes are sold on the digital platforms, commencement of any marketing efforts is best done when routed through the internet.
Digital Marketing AgencyIt is a fact that carrying out such ventures on the internet so that the interests of the concerned businesses are best catered to is not something that any odd layman can accomplish with success. However, hiring the right digital marketing company can guide the concerned businesses through all possible obstacles and land them with the outcomes that had been desired by the same. At present, there are about a thousand such professionals who claim to offer the best solution but unfortunately, don’t. Reaching the right options is possible through a little internet search, contacting the same and determining their potential.

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