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5 Ways Your Digital Media Specialist Can Kill Your Business

Choosing a digital media agency for your company is just as important as any other business decision. And just like any of it, it could go terribly wrong. And you might have to stress over it in the future.

No wonder business owners are told hundreds of times to take their time and select the best agency.

However, if you’re too reluctant to ‘take your time’ and too casual to understand the importance of having a GOOD digital media specialist by your side, here are 5 ways your wrong decision can trouble you in the future-

Digital Media Specialist

A Peek into Your Future…

  1. You’ll be clueless about your target customers– One biggest and first problem startups encounter is—”where are my customers?” The digital world is big with thousands of platforms and billions of consumers. Where you are going to find your potential customers is a big question mark. Even if you know ‘where’, how to distribute your time and effort among various platforms is another hurdle. A bad agency will be just as clueless as the newbies- lost, shooting in the dark, wasting time, having no idea where the potential customers are.
  2. The communication with your audience will be ineffective– Communicating with the target audience is an art that requires a fool-proof strategy to win their trust and convert them into buying customers. If your outsourced digital media agency does not know this ‘art’, you’re wasting your time and money.
  3. You’ll have to approach different professionals for different needs– Don’t take it for granted that every digital agency Hong Kong and in China offer all-round services. Online marketing is a wide concept that includes everything from SEO and social media marketing to PPC, mobile and app marketing and more. A bad agency does not cater to all these different aspects. So, when the time comes, you might have to outsource a freelance professional, which isn’t a smooth ride, trust us.
  4. You’ll end up paying a lot more with no return whatsoever– You don’t know about your target audience, your brand isn’t communicating with them effectively, and your agency is outsourcing freelancers to help them. What do you think is the result? You’ll end up paying much more than what’s needed with no positive result whatsoever.
  5. You’ll be clueless about your competitors and the market as a whole– To be a top name in your industry, competitor analysis is a quite critical part. Knowing about what competing brands are doing and how they are doing gives you an edge and opportunity to improve. Your poorly selected digital media agency fails to research on your own target customers— do you really expect them to research ably on your competitors?

These 5 troubles would branch out other stresses, like-

  • Lower conversion
  • Poor brand goodwill
  • Poor capital management
  • Lagging far behind the competitors
  • Low ‘trust value’ in your brand name
  • No crisis communication plan

So save yourself from these troubles and stress which could eventually kill your company (and dreams). Make a smart move right when it matters. Spend a decent amount of time and select a good digital media specialist agency.


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